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Reading Our Story

                                Reading The Books In the Series

These stories are primarily written in the first person which can make it fun for you or your students! Try to get into character as much as possible. Try using varying voice tones. You can even do the character movement if you’re daring! Either way, you’re sure to make your students smile.


 *If you want to make it extra special, invite the author for a reading and Q&A!

Make a Chef Hat

                                          Fun Activities


Have your students make their very own chef hats using tissue paper and construction paper; they’re sure to have a blast!

Begin by dividing your students into groups. Then proceed to have each group create their own superhero within their superhero team using poster board. Request that your students include superhero skills that could help others. At the conclusion of the activity have each group share their project in front of the classroom.

Superhero  Recipe


Make the Super Chop Pop Recipe, a healthy, yummy refreshing snack! (This may work best in a culinary class)


In a smaller class setting, have your students do the activity provided in the back of the book. They will have a funtastical time!



Berry Awesome  Recipe

  • Make the Berry Awesome food Recipe, a healthy, yummy refreshing snack!

  • Make your very own chef hat using tissue paper and construction paper


  • Complete the activity pages located in the back of the book



Objective Of Activities


These activities can help to build teamwork, self- confidence, leadership, and creativity. It accommodates different learning styles through the utilization of visual, audible and kinesthetic learning.

gilr reading babbling beth.png


Interacting with your students is crucial to guiding the growth of each child. Here are a few questions you can ask your students to help build character and perhaps find some extra helpers in the classroom.

Superhero Recipe Book 
Questions to Ask Your Students

What does it mean to be a superhero


What are some of the ways you have helped me?

How have I helped you?

How do you think you can help others?



Berry Awesome Recipe 

Questions to Ask Your Students

How do you feel when you make a mistake?


How do you think others feel when they make a mistake?

How can you encourage others when they feel sad?


What are some kind words that you can say to yourself?


What are some kind words that you can say to others?



All of the books include fun songs that kids can sing along too! Here are some creative ideas.




Play musical chairs

Have a Karokee party

Listen to songs while playing the games in the book.

Listen before bedtime

Have a fun dance-off 



Don’t Forget

Be creative and have fun. You're an awesome teacher!








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