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Book series includes:                

A Story






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 Babbling Beth The Story Chef (Series & Store) 
Providing Real Recipes For Food & Life!
Building, confidence, character & purpose in children.

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Tips for having  a fun and exciting

time while reading Babbling Beth The Story Chef!



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Sharing, caring and helping others are a few things that are a part of our content and merchandise. Invite us to provide a fun event with activities, and you'll be hungry for more!




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Have a funtastical time!


Finding The Superhero In You!


Interactive Picturebook Includes A Story, Games, Songs And A Real Food Recipe!

Meet Beth a talkative Imaginative young chef who loves to share her life stories with friends like you! With her wild imagination and silly antics, Beth and her dog Mango have a funtastical time uncovering a recipe for how to be a Real superhero!


a fun Healthy Recipe, laughter, and so much more while reading this heartwarming story with your child!


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          Are You Berry Awesome?


Have a funtastical time uncovering the Berry Awesome recipe!

Beth set out to do something special for her good friend, Ana. When things didn't turn out as planned, Beth's embarrassment led her to make some choices that took her down the wrong path.


Fortunately, with the help of her friends and her witty dog Mango, Beth learned that in spite of mistakes, a person can still be awesome. Berry Awesome that is!



  • A Real Food recipe

  • Life Recipe. 

  • Games. ( With Affirmations!)

  • Songs to listen to online


"There is no person in this entire world who is exactly like you. You are a significant, noteworthy, remarkable human being. You are awesome!"

Author -Lauren Freckles

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